Let's biki in Kaka'ako 🚴

Let's biki in Kaka'ako 🚴

October 24, 2019
5 min from Ala Moana Shopping center. 15min from Waikiki. Kaka'ako is a lively urban center in Honolulu. The area is full of unique and vibrant wall arts.

POW! WOW! HAWAII Wall Art Collections in Kaka'ako 2019

Kaka’ako is a mixed zone community that once was purely the bastion of warehouses, mechanic shops, garages, factories, and industry in general. As you walk around now you still see a lot of that.

Pow! Wow! Hawaii is an organization that fosters the street arts or more properly a movement that is helping to propel street culture into the forefront of the modern art movements worldwide. Clearly, it is based in Kaka’ako.

Popular lunch spots in Kaka'ako


Arts + Coffee =Perfect Vibes!

Introducing several coffee shops in Kaka'ako with great vibes

Happy hour in Kaka'ako & Ala Moana

Happy Hour isn't for the party crowd. It's for the sociable crowd. It's the time to unwind and chill down. Or as Ernest Hemingway put it, “Drinking is a way of ending the day.” Happy Hour Quotes. That's a good one!