Morning Cafe in Manoa

Morning Cafe in Manoa

July 27, 2019
You truly understand the art of coffee and you savor your morning cup, rather than use it as fuel. Let's get on biki and roll along with a light Hawaiian breeze on your face as you go to a cafe for breakfast.

1.Hawaii x French style breakfast @Le Crepe Cafe

Yelp: ★★★✬☆4.50

This little place which specializes in homemade crepes poke bowls açai bowls and great coffees. The absolute best vege crepe.

La Crepe Cafe (ル・クレープ)

Business Hours Mon-Thu: 8:00am-17:30pm Fri: 18:00am-14:00pm
Shop Holidays Sat,Sun
Web Site URL https://www.lecrepecafe.com/

2.Open air Hawaiian Morning @Morning Glass Coffee

Yelp: ★★★★✬4.50

Neighborhood gem!
Fantastic food tucked away in a little corner spot. Fantastic prices and a gourmet menu (Honey Ricotta toast, avocado toast, fried-rice omelet, amongst others) unexpected of such a small place.

Morning Glass Coffee(モーニング グラス コーヒー)

Directions www.morningglasscoffee.com/
Business Hours Mon-Fri: 7:00am-16:00pm, Sat: 7:30am-16:00pm, Sun: 7:30am-13:00pm
Shop Holidays Open all year round

3. Best croissants in town! @Fendu Boulangerie

This little hidden gem puts out all kinds of wonderful pastries - little scones, fruit tarts (the lychee pastry is a must-try), muffins, buttery croissants (plain & choco filled). Their fresh-baked pound cakes are very good also. If you don't have a sweet tooth, they have yummy savory options - breakfast sandwiches & pizzas!! If you find yourself in Manoa, should pay a visit.

Fendu Boulangerie(ファンデュ ブーランジェリー)

Business Hours Mon-Sat :7:30am-19:00pm, Sun:7:30am-15:00pm
Shop Holidays Open all years around
Web Site URL http://www.bakerieshonolulu.com/

4.World's best waffles@The nook neighborhood bistro

Yelp: ★★★★4.00

Not your normal breakfast place...way better!! Let'sit outside on the covered lanai. Enjoy artichoke mimosas and savory French toast and eggs. Delicious!

The nook neighborhood bistro(ザ・ヌック・ネイバーフッド・ビストロ)

Business Hours Tue-Sun: 8:00am-14:00pm
Shop Holidays Mon
Web Site URL http://www.thenookhonolulu.com/menu-3/

5.Excellent cost performance w Aloha!@koa pancake house


Baby I'm a savage I ain't romantic 😏

Rojesterman Farris IIさん(@itsroedoe)がシェアした投稿 -

Yelp: ★★★✬☆3.50

Fluffy mac nut pancakes were served with coconut syrup or orange marmalade (go for coconut syrup). The bacon is so crispy and a very large portion for their side item.

koa pancake house (コア パンケーキ ハウス)

Directions http://www.koapancakehouse.com/
Business Hours Mon-Sun: 6:30am-14:00pm
Shop Holidays Open all year round